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DAB digital radio 

DAB Digital Radio

The digital revolution has reached the world of Radio!

DAB stands for Digital Audio Broadcasting. DAB Digital Radio has been developed by a consortium of manufacturers and broadcasters. The BBC was a pioneer of DAB digital radio and was the first to broadcast in the UK. The BBC built a transmission network and began broadcasting DAB in 1995.

DAB Digital Radio gives the listener many benefits including :-interference free, crystal clear listening, a wide selection of stations without the need to remember confusing frequencies, extra programme information, and the ability to programme. DAB digital radio takes radio to the next level.

DAB Digital Radio delivers interference free listening
DAB Digital Radio works by making use of both MPEG and COFDM (Coded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex) technology. This converts the broadcast sound from an analogue signal into digital (binary) code. This makes it extremely unlikely for the signal to be corrupted during transmission by the weather or other problems that can spoil the reception with conventional analogue radio. The signal is crystal clear, and it's either there or it's not.

DAB Digital Radio delivers an expanding range of stations to listen to
There are national commercial stations, and plenty local stations broadcasting across the country In addition the BBC has an extensive range of stations to listen to. Depending where you are in the UK you should expect to be able hear between 25 and 50 stations.

DAB Digital Radio delivers more variety in stations
There are already over 400 digital services broadcasting. This is a mixture of existing stations making their output available in this new format but also there are new niche stations. This has resulted in stations devoted purely to different styles of music, books, plays and comedy.

DAB Digital Radio end the requirement to retune according to where you are listening from
National digital radio stations are broadcast on the same frequency across the UK. This means there is no re-tuning when you move about. Likewise, local and regional digital stations remain fixed on one frequency within their transmission areas.

DAB Digital Radio stations are normally shown by name on the display of the DAB digital radio and are easily tuned in at the touch of a button.

DAB Digital Radio is by it's nature mobile, delivering data to you as you move about
You take your radio with you when you move out as the signal comes through the airwaves. Digital radios have a small screen capable of displaying some information e.g. the station name, the programme you are listening, song details etc. As digital radios become more advanced, more visual information will be able to be provided and further services made available to the listener.

DAB Digital Radio is flexible
There are now DAB digital radios that have the functionality to enable you to rewind and pause live radio. In addition allow the user to record a specific programme at a specific time.


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